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PMC stores stock a wide range of insulation. Earthwool, Glasswool & Polyester (both Batts and blanket) and other high density foam insulation are just a few of the most common in our region.

Specifically we carry Knauf Earthwool, Pink Batts, Autex Polyester and can supply CSR Bradford, Thor/Rhino Insulation, and a host of other products for HVAC and general ceiling insulation.

Not sure what you are looking for? Got a project in mind? Music room or media room? New house? Or simply renovating and want to cool your patio? Give us a call.

In general terms thermal insulation for housing is measured by an ‘R’ value (thermal rating). As a general rule of thumb the larger the R value the thicker the insulation – so make sure to check how large a cavity you have to install the insulation first.

Generally we supply only however we can organize a supply and install quote for you should you require that service.

Whatever your insulation requirements we can design & quote system or solution for you.