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Rondo Improved Medium Gauge Studs

Posted by Mark Spaulding on

Rondo have improved the profile of their medium gauge (0.75bmt) studs to be consistent with the popular profile of our light gauge studs (0.55bmt)

You’ll soon start seeing our Rondo 64, 76 and 92mm (0.75bmt) Studs in a similar profile to what you’ve come to enjoy with our 0.50 and 0.55bmt Studs, giving a consistent Rondo look across both our light and medium gauge Studs.

Helpful tip; the current medium gauge profile will not box with new medium gauge profile and therefore two profiles of the same need to be used in boxed stud configurations

Better yet, you’ll receive the improved profile without a change to stock or sub pack quantities, wall height requirements, or price.

The new profile will be available as soon as current Rondo stocks are exhausted.

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How to help avoid summer jointing problems with Boral USG

Posted by Mark Spaulding on

Hot dry summer weather can adversely affect the performance of plasterboard jointing compounds. USG Boral’s Category Manager for Compounds, Tim Harrington, explains why and offers some solutions.

Many parts of Australia experience extremely hot and dry spells during the summer months. Indeed, this past winter proved unseasonably hot and dry in Queensland and parts of NSW too!

In such conditions, jointing compounds naturally lose moisture in less time than in cooler or moister conditions. Unless the right jointing compounds are used, this can result in joint cracking, or joint tape and cornices failing to properly adhere and potentially coming away.


Plaster-based compounds which set chemically typically come in a range of setting times. For example, USG Boral BaseCote™ sets in 45, 60 or 90 minutes – with the gypsum in each product designed to ‘activate’ accordingly. Most professional plasters prefer the longer setting products as they give them longer time to work, and less frequent mixing.

However these setting times are based on moderate temperatures and humidity levels. Once the compounds are mixed with water and trowelled on the wall, water is lost in three ways:

  • Evaporation into the atmosphere
  • Absorption by the porous plasterboard surface
  • The water and plaster undergo a chemical reaction known as hydration to form fully set, hard gypsum

In hot dry conditions, water will evaporate or be absorbed more quickly – which may not leave enough water (or enough time) for the hydration stage of the process. Premature dry-out can result in weak and powdery joints and poor tape or cornice bond.


When conditions are expected to be hot, dry or windy, you have three different options for jointing compounds:

  • Choose compounds specifically formulated for faster setting – such as BaseCote™ 45 and Cornice Adhesive 45 – as they reduce exposure to extreme drying conditions.
  • If you must use BaseCote™ 60 or 90 or Cornice Adhesive 60, allow them to stand for 30 minutes after mixing so that they set soon after application.
  • Go for a ready-mixed jointing compound such as RediBase™, SHEETROCK® Taping Joint Compound, All Purpose Premix or Total Joint Finish.

Ready-mixed compounds are air-drying, so are especially suitable in hot and dry environments. Because they’re ready-to-go, they save time on a project and are economical to use.


Choosing the right compound is important – but here are some other ways to minimise the risk of joint cracking when the summer heats up:

  • Close all windows and doors to avoid drafts
  • Wet down surfaces just before trowelling
  • Avoid the hottest part of the day when applying tape
  • Make sure you provide ample compound under the tape; if using mechanical tapers such as banjo boxes, avoid excessive pressure or runny mixes
  • Apply an immediate skim coat over the tape
  • Obviously, the use of compound retarders is not recommended, as the longer the set the more time for water loss.

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James Hardie - New Products Launching in October 2018

Posted by Mark Spaulding on

Dear Valued Customer,

RE: James Hardie Product Range Updates.

As we continue to develop new products to better service our customers in line with our vision of transforming the Australian way to build, we regularly review and assess our existing product portfolio to make way for new growth products and solutions. Following a recent review, we wish to formally advise you of some pending changes to our product offering.

James Hardie will cease manufacturing and distributing the entire range of HardieBraceTM sheets as of 1st October 2018. Details as follows:

Product Code Product Description Effective Discontinuation Date James Hardie Alternative
400157 HardieBraceTM 5mm 2440×1225 31st July 2018 (as per communication released 10th May 2018) VillaboardTM Lining 6mm or; HardieFlexTM Sheet 6mm
400159 HardieBraceTM 5mm 2440×925
400156 HardieBraceTM 5mm 2725×1225 1st October 2018
400158 HardieBraceTM 5mm 2725×925

As part of our vision, we are committed to supporting our customers by supplying products that make building James HardieTM systems easier, faster, better. Accordingly, James Hardie will introduce the following new products launching 1st October 2018.


>NEW 3,600mm Long External Cladding Sheets:
     >ScyonTM AxonTM 133mm Smooth 1,200 x 3,600mm
     >EasyLapTM panel 1,200 x 3,600mm

These new 3,600mm long range additions provide an enhanced aesthetic finish for designs incorporating pitched roofs, parapets or higher internal ceilings. Additionally, installation efficiencies and savings are realised due to the elimination of joints and less wastage.


NEW 0.75MM BMT ExoTecTM and James HardieTM Intermediate Top Hats:
     >ExoTecTM Top Hat 0.75mm BMT 6,000mm long
     >ExoTecTM Top Hat 0.75mm BMT 7,200mm long
     >James HardieTM Intermediate Top Hat 0.75mm BMT 6,000mm long
     >James HardieTM Intermediate Top Hat 0.75mm BMT 7,200mm long

ExoTecTM system top hat components have been reengineered and tested to deliver greater installation, handling and cost benefits. The new 0.75mm BMT top hats are lighter and therefore easier to handle onsite. Additionally, the enhanced ExoTecTM system has undergone extensive testing to allow for longer spans and larger fastener spacings for certain applications*, thus minimising your overall material and labour install costs.

*Details included in updated technical literature available at time of launch.

Note: the new 0.75mm BMT range will supersede the existing 1.15mm BMT specification effective 1st October 2018. During the transition period, both 0.75mm and 1.15mm BMT specifications may be installed on the same project on the premise that the install guidelines for the 1.15mm BMT specifications are adopted. Please contact James Hardie’s Engineering Solutions Team on 13 11 03 for further advice.

NEW VersiluxTM 9mm Thick Sheet Sizes:
     >VersiluxTM lining Square 1,200 x 2,400mm
     >VersiluxTM lining Square 1,200 x 3,000mm

These two new popular sizes are designed to provide a uniform transition from ExoTecTM facades to VersiluxTM soffits across commercial and multi-residential projects.

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Townsville Show Holiday

Posted by Mark Spaulding on

Plaster/Metal/Cladding will be closed in Townsville for the local show holiday on Monday July 2nd.
Please organise any orders/deliveries with that in mind.

Should you have any urgent enquiries that day our Cairns store will be able to field those calls on (07) 40311277.

To all our valued customers in Townsville, have an epic show!

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Master Builders Awards

Posted by Mark Spaulding on

Congratulations to all the winners at the Master Builders awards evening(s) in Cairns/Townsville & Mackay.
It is great to see so many quality projects being recognised in our region.

If you would like to see more information on those winning builders & projects please see these links:

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Updated Cornice Cement Formula!

Posted by Mark Spaulding on

USG Boral has announced a new cornice cement formula with improved spread, strength and adhesion. In addition the new formula is creamier and smoother than ever before.

We should start to see the new product arriving on our shelves from March 2018.

For the full article please see this link:

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Wallboard BBQ Breakfast

Posted by Mark Spaulding on

Call into PMC Cairns for a free BBQ Breakfast hosted by Wallboard Tools.
Leigh Ryan from Wallboard will be there to display all their latest products.
Come in and say hi if you are in the area.
176-178 Aumuller St – anytime from 6am.

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Cairns Amateurs Ladies Day

Posted by Mark Spaulding on

A big thankyou to all the suppliers & customers that travelled & took time out of their schedules to attend the ladies day at the Cairns Amateurs. I hope everyone had a big win and there weren’t too many sore heads the next day.

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New Knauf Tech manual released

Posted by Mark Spaulding on

Knauf have released their new technical manual called BluePrint.

Blueprint is Knauf’s new technical manual for lightweight steel frame construction offering complete Knauf wall and ceiling system solutions for commercial and multi-residential projects.

Give us a call to obtain a copy or download here:

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JH & Azzo Event Evening

Posted by Mark Spaulding on

Thankyou to Jared Laco and Ben Thearle from James Hardie, and also to Mark Azzopardi from Azzo Project Services for presenting last night at the Bungalow Hotel.

Also thankyou to everyone who attended – it is great to see such a great mix of people in our industry with a holistic approach by everyone to improve their knowledge of the legislative requirements and best practices.

If you would like any more information please be sure to contact the PMC Cairns office.

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